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Bellyflop Productions is an organisation set up by me (Cameron Harris) to provide and showcase high quality Video Production and Photography. Bellyflop Productions first began in 2013 when I started studying Media Production, started learning about the whole production proccess and started to enage with clients such as the Royal British Legion and the National Citizen Serice (NCS) in Bedfordshire. The initial aim for Bellyflop Productions was to simply work on producing high quality video production and photography for clients whilst also working on some of my own short film projects.

Over the past 4 years of studying the field, I have learnt alot about the industry, working to a brief, engaging with clients and sticking to tight deadlines. The project I worked on with NCS, I spent over 100 hours of my time planning, filming and editing a video for their graduation, the deadlines were extremely tight because of the timing of the graduation but I got it done on time. With all my projects, I have learnt what it takes, what you have to think about, the legal issues and everything in between. Video production has increased in demand dramatically over the past decade and that is because big businesses are adapting to changing of the times whereas the smaller independant businesses or charities who are really trying don't have the funds to promote themselves. That is where Bellyflop Productions comes in because by offering low cost creative video solutions, we aim to help the independant businesses who are struggling and the charities who are struggling to get the funds.


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Bellyflop Productions

Bedford, UK

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