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Short Films

Over the past few years I have created a number of short films. Going back to my very first film shows how much I have progressed over the past few years, comparing the quality from the beginning to now. Some of the films I have worked on includes:


  • The Relationship

  • The Intruder

  • The Camera

  • Survival

  • The Notebook

  • Be at Peace

  • Sweet Revenge

  • 11.11.2013 Found Footage Horror

  • hehaditcoming.mp4

  • Whisper

  • Short Noir

  • The Daughter

  • Cyber Stalker

  • Cyber Stalker 2016

Ongoing Projects

The Swing (Short Film) - Friendship (Video Art) - Pink Music Video Re-make - Mandy (Short Horror) - Mcdonalds Bedford High Street community and charity video - Client Project with the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation

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Music Videos

I have also worked on a range of music videos. One particular series of Music Videos were produced for a musician in Bedford, these were:


Old Weather

Soul Drop War Party

This Renewal


As well as this, I created a re make of Tink's make me feel like somebody video which was done for experimentation.


Music videos are often the best opportunity to experiment because the beauty of them is that they don't have to make much sense which allows you complete creative freedom to experiment with a range of styles and tecnhniques.


I am also currently working on another remake music video but hope to be getting some client projects up and running soon, so if your interested in getting a music video for yourself or someone you know, please get in touch.

mvid soul drop war music video


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Promotional videos are usally short 2-3 minute videos to promote a business or charity. As a responsible producer, I always ensure there is a contract between me and the client and that all legal and ethical considerations are taken into account.


The Proccess of working with a client often involves regular meetings, lots of planning and ensuring the client is happy with the final product.

I have worked on a number of promotional videos for clients including but not limited to:


The Royal British Legion


Bedford College


National Citizen Service in Bedfordshire


I am also currently working on two new client projects;


The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation


Mcdonalds Bedford High Street (TBC)

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I have took part in the filming of a variety of events over the past few years. Event filming can range from charity fundraising events to live music performances to a bike ride.


A couple of years ago, I helped film music performances both in July and December 2014 for Bedford College.


Through the National Citizen Service in Bedfordshire, I managed to film alot of fundraising events. Sometimes filming events can work into creating a promotional video or could be filmed on its own.


Most Recently, I have been involved in filming Ronald Mcdonald House Charities fundraising events for Mcdonald's Bedford High Street as part of my project with them to raise awareness of the charity and the stores involvement within the local community of Bedford through their sponsorship of a local football and connections with the Salvation Army.

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